About Us

Owners Lori and Jeff McEvilly working their table at the Bloomington Farmers' Market.

Founded by Lori and Jeff McEvilly, McEvilly Gardens is an urban farm, located in Bloomington, Indiana, that is committed to the mission of growing sustainable and organic micro greens and edible flowers.

We are dedicated to producing high-quality, safe products for the consumer. Production and processing practices are conducted with a goal of mitigating any potential risk of product contamination and is audited yearly by third party and USDA trained inspectors.

Where it all started

Lori and Jeff were struck with inspiration during a trip to Northern California in 2016 to visit a daughter interning on an organic farm. They came back and within a few months had built bee hives, constructed raised beds, inoculated logs with mushroom spawn, and started growing micro greens and edible flowers. They never imagined themselves as farmers—now they can't imagine not growing food.

We believe in a society where small local farmers provide not only food for the body but also an example of social entrepreneurship. This commitment involves strengthening community relationships in support of food pantries, educating the public, and operating as a sustainable farm.